Paint Protection

Paint Protection

It’s likely that when Neil Graham spent $2.8 million on a sleek, black Aston Martin in 2011, insurance wasn’t the only kind of protection he was considering.

That prized Aston Martin – believed at the time to be the most expensive car ever ordered by a Kiwi buyer, would have been ideally suited for paint protection to preserve that polished finish.

There are so many things that can damage a car’s finish, and when that car is someone’s most prized investment, maintaining its good looks takes top priority.

Our paint protection is a clear film that serves as an extra buffer to top the surface clearcoat, protecting against scratches, stains, fading from the sun and chips from wayward stones and grit.

The product installs in the same way as our vehicle wrap, but does the same job as a protective top coat over nail polish; offering superior protection against damage where your car is the most vulnerable, so you won’t fear taking your investment out on the road for a spin.

Once installed, your paint protection has the potential to last a lifetime with the proper care, and it can be washed and waxed in the same way as you would your car’s actual surface.

Ideal for luxury vehicles, classic cars or custom restorations that will be the star attraction at the cruise night, after it’s installed, our paint protection film will go virtually unnoticed, but the impact it has on your vehicle’s lasting good looks will definitely attract attention.