As advertising tools, clothes can be amazingly effective. Anyone who has ever stood in line after a concert waiting to purchase a T-shirt commemorating the show has been a walking billboard for their favourite band, likely for years afterwards if the T-shirt had a particularly memorable, iconic design such as the Rolling Stones’ bright red lips and tongue.

What other advertising medium has that kind of endurance?

Clothes, like outdoor or mobile messaging, are a great way for brands to advertise, for a variety of different reasons.

Not only have technological advancements in printing techniques made T-shirts, sweatshirts and tanks one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, when they’re being worn, your message is always on the move.

Whenever someone is spotted wearing one of your company T-shirts, they essentially become brand ambassadors, or in today’s buzzword, influencers, and they help raise awareness by doing little more than wearing your logo.

Apparel as advertising is also suitable for almost any business, whether you’re a new coffee shop or a long-standing industry with an immediately recognisable logo, such as Air New Zealand.

T-shirts and other apparel can be sold as part of your company merchandising, can be shot out of a cannon during a rugby game or created as trade show swag that will extend your brand’s reach beyond your business walls, an especially effective marketing tool for business-to-business brands.

Apparel is also great advertising for special events such as 5K runs for charity, for which T-shirts are a perfect marketing canvas.

If you’re in the market for advertising apparel, check out some of our previous work for inspiration or bring us your ideas, so we can bring them to life.