Corporate Apparel

Corporate Apparel

Everyone has that certain outfit – the perfectly tailored suit, that dress in the ideal shade of blue – that makes them feel powerful and in control, like they can handle absolutely any challenge that comes their way.

If you feel great in your clothes, you will exude confidence, and others around you will respond positively, whether you’re managing a staff, helming a training session or meeting a new client.

When Shakespeare wrote, “Clothes make the man,” he was pointing out the significance of the role clothing plays in how we’re seen by others, which is especially apparent in the business world.

To dress for success, it’s important to choose the right clothing – items that are stylish but not too trendy, pieces that are comfortable and fit well so you can focus on achieving your best work, knowing you also look your best.

“I believe in comfort,” iconic designer Donna Karan once said. “If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it’s hard to think of anything else.”

Our corporate apparel line, designed with comfort, durability and style in mind, features a wide range of pieces for men and women including tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, vests, knitwear, shirts and polos, along with a collection of coordinating accessories such as scarves, belts, ties and cufflinks to finish your look.

Whether sophisticated or business casual, our work will ensure that you have the right look for the right job, whether you work in a corporate office or you head a department in a business or factory setting.

We also offer custom embroidery that’s ideal for uniforms and can be used in a number of ways, such as name tags on matching store shirts or to enhance your company’s branding by embellishing pieces with a logo or company name, allowing you to create strong, cohesive messaging that extends to employees.

SignLink  is the “go-to” company for your business wardrobe.  With everyday-inspired combinations, we make dressing your business easy.

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SignLink also offers in house embroidery