Hats & Caps

Hats and Caps

There are so many times when a hat or cap is the ideal promotional product.

Whether you’re looking for marketing merchandise for a sports team or smart swag for your next trade conference, our broad range of hats and caps – which can be printed with your company logo, a classic emblem to mark an anniversary or a bold graphic element that makes your branding iconic – are a budget-friendly way to grab attention.

Like outdoor marketing such as signage, hats emblazoned with a logo attract attention, whether at a trade show or a busy Auckland street, where hundreds of people can see your logo and have an impression of your brand in a matter of seconds.

At most business conferences, exhibition halls are set up for vendors to connect with potential customers, and the smart vendors offer complimentary marketing items such as plastic bins at a recycling conference or kitchen magnets at a cooking convention. The best marketing tools, however, are the ones that people can use, making a hat or cap a smarter choice that the ubiquitous pen which often gets lost.

The recipients will remember your business not only because your merchandise is emblazoned with your corporate logo, but also because they will likely wear that hat at some point during the conference, attracting more attention to your company’s booth.

Our hats and caps line is available in a wide range of colors and styles – from classic ball caps to high-tech moisture-wicking caps that will help you keep your cool even during the most intense team sporting events – with design options that are limited only by your imagination. If you have a vision to expand company branding, bring unity to your club or make the players on your sports team more stylish and comfortable, we will do our best to realize it.