Safety Apparel

Safety Apparel

If your job includes work that’s more risky than your average desk job, there’s nothing more important than wearing safety apparel to ensure that you make it home safely each day after your shift has come to an end.

When you or your employees are working under dangerous conditions such as doing roadside maintenance or manning a construction site surrounded by heavy equipment, visibility is vital to everyone’s safety.

High visibility clothing – especially items in bold neon hues with added safety features such as built-in reflector strips – ensures that you and your workers can be seen in even the poorest of weather situations such as fog or heavy rain or during the first minutes of sunrise or as sunlight fades at sunset, when light is low and visibility can be significantly compromised.

Our safety apparel collection features a wide variety of all-weather gear, including high-visibility jackets for colder weather, long- and short-sleeved shirts, pants, sweatshirts and vests, accommodating all weather conditions and climates.

We also carry safety apparel beyond the workplace setting, because work is not the only time when visibility is essential for survival.

Our safety apparel can also help protect outdoor athletes such as runners or cyclists, who rely on being seen by others with whom they are sharing the road in order to stay safe.

According to New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport, for example, the majority of accidents between vehicles and cyclists are the fault of drivers, who most often cite not having seen the cyclist as the reason for the crash. Given the risk factors associated with a crash between a vehicle and a bicycle or a vehicle and a pedestrian – the majority of such incidents are catastrophic – being clearly visible is the most important step toward safety on the road.