Sublimation Apparel

Sublimation Apparel

If you’re looking for printed apparel that gets noticed, the art of sublimation is here.

Dynamic, bold colours that won’t fade make the sublimation apparel from SignLink Graphics really stand outs, whether you’re wearing a team shirt on the rugby field or you’ve created an eye-catching T-shirt design to sell your business.

Sublimation printing is the latest advancement in printing technology, and the process is completely unique. Unlike screen printing, which fades or cracks over time, sublimation is next level printing, and you will immediately notice the elevated quality of your products.

Sublimation is durable because the ink used in the process bonds to the fabric fibers rather than resting on the surface of the fabric itself, so they become as much a part of the material as a tattoo becomes one with your skin.

Although the process only works with certain fabrics – colours are boldest with polymers and polyester, but poly-cotton blends are ideal for retro styles or vintage looks because the addition of the cotton mutes the colours – it is tough enough for team apparel, which undergoes the physical stress of active play as well as numerous washings over a lifetime, or a favourite T-shirt, which becomes softer and comfier over time.

From sports teams or work uniforms to T-shirts advertising your band, new restaurant or auto repair shop, we’ve got you covered with innovative printing options that will suit virtually every business need.

Because the process is so much different than screen printing, we are able to print a wide range of different items – banners, sports pennants and flags, ribbons and so much more – in addition to clothing.

And even more appealing, because setup is easy we are able to produce smaller runs, so ordering matching shirts for a school outing or club adventure is an affordable way to mark an occasion.

If you’re looking for printed apparel, check out our sublimation apparel options. We’ve got what you need.