Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps

If you’re looking for a return on your marketing investment, our dynamic, graphic vehicle wraps are a smart, cost-effective way to reach potential customers from the ground up.

To market your business effectively, you need to attract attention, and vehicle wraps –  the first in mobile advertising – have been shown in studies to not only be more effective than billboards, radio advertising and TV commercials combined based on the number of times your advertising is seen, they’re also a fraction of the cost compared to the other guys.

Our colour-drenched wraps use high-density hues to capture attention, whether you’re using the wrap to market your take-away restaurant while making a delivery or to make sure that the next time someone in your neighbourhood needs your product or service, your advertising is the first they remember.

Using your company vehicles as advertising means that every time your vehicle is in traffic or in a parking lot, you will have made an impression on anyone who sees it, making it more likely that yours will be the company that gets the call.

If you’re still wondering if budget-friendly vehicle wraps are for you, studies worldwide have touted the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.

While an advertisement runs for 30 seconds, vehicle graphics like our durable wraps offer custom-designed ad campaigns that according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, reach more than 95 percent of drivers and passengers on the road.

In fact, recent research for the Outdoor Media Association in Australia found that retention levels are higher than most other ad campaigns when it comes to outdoor advertising.

And in many cases, they reach the audience you’re looking for, according to the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand, which points out that outdoor advertising such as vehicle wraps reach people on the go – when they are less likely to see traditional advertising but are just as receptive to the message.

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